The Process

Simple & Effective

Simple & Effective

We do all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy the results...

Our process has been specifically designed to enable us to provide you with an uncomplicated, efficient and enjoyable design experience


Let's plan

Stage 1 - Service option selection & initial payment

Select your required service option using our ‘Lets Make Plans’ checkout process and make your initial deposit payment.

If you wish to discus our service options to find out more or decide which one is right for you feel free to contact us – we are here to help.

Call us on 0330 043 4142 or email

Stage 1 - Service option selection & initial payment

Stage 2 Starter pack download & client info upload

On completion of Stage 1 you will receive your unique PlanExtend client reference which will be used on all correspondence.

You will now be able to download the PlanExtend Starter Pack from our website.

We will make initial contact with you and guide you through the Starter Pack process. We can communicate on the phone, by email, use FaceTime or Skype – whatever suits you and enables us to work effectively together.

A designated member of our team will be allocated to your design project and will be your very own PlanExtend Consultant.

Your PlanExtend Consultant will work with you to develop your design, providing general support and guidance throughout the process.


The PlanExtend Starter Pack will provide you with basic templates and guidance on how to complete the simple tasks below (it really is easy):

  • Draw outline dimensioned sketch plans of the inside of your property (paper, pen, ruler & tape measure required) [scan in/photo sketch]
  • Take Photos of all property external elevations and features (using your phone or digital camera)
  • Write or sketch a brief outline description of your requirement [scan in/photo sketch]

When you have completed all the above you will then be able to upload your information to our web portal so we can make a start.

Stage 3 - Info translated into existing plans

PlanExtend’s Design Consultant will translate the information you upload into plan & elevation drawings that reflect your existing property.

We will ask you for further information if we need it to ensure the plans are accurate and work with you to make sure we don’t miss anything.

The drawings are issued to you in PDF format for your review and approval.

Stage 3 - Info translated into existing plans

Stage 4 - Extension sketch options & ideas

PlanExtend’s Design Consultant will use the existing drawings of your property to develop a number of extension sketch options based on your initial brief.

The extension options are hand drawn architectural sketches in PDF format, intended to provide you with food for thought.

This will enable you to select ideas and develop design concepts with us that best suit your needs and also allows us to fully understand your preferences before we start detailed design work.

We encourage you to provide us with ideas of your own and will work with you to develop these into feasible proposals.

At the end of this stage we develop a clear brief to enable us to progress your proposed drawings.

Our sketch options generally provide a number of alternative ideas when considering:

  • Size and configuration of extension
  • Extension roof configuration
  • External materials and finishes
  • Window size and location options
  • Internal room layout and proportions

When you have had chance to review the options and confirmed your requirements we will can get to work.

Stage 5 - Proposed extension plans

PlanExtend’s Design Consultant will work with your preferred design concepts and ideas to develop proposed plan & elevation drawings.

We will give you plenty of opportunity to comment and we will make any amendments to ensure the drawings are in-line with your preferences.

The drawings are issued to you in PDF format for your review and approval.

Stage 5 - Proposed extension plans

Stage 6 - Final plans & remaining payment

When you are 100% happy with the final plans you will be required to make the remaining payment.

We also ask that you take 5 minutes to complete our client feedback survey. This is really important to us as we use this to refine our processes which helps us ensure that our future clients get the best possible service.

On receipt of final payment and our completed client feedback survey we will submit all planning drawings to you in high quality PDF and AutoCAD format. They are your drawings afterall!

Although each service option and design project differs we will provide you with some/all of the following final drawings:

  • Existing Plans & Elevations
  • Proposed Plans & Elevation
  • Proposed Site Plan
  • Proposed Location Plan
  • OS Map Abstract of Property Location


Stage 7 - Planning application submitted*

*Free/Optional Add-on

We offer FREE Planning Application submission to the Local Authority and production of your design & access statement but request that you pay the Planning Fee’s directly to the Local Authority (we provide you with a link for this).

Our involvement in the planning process continues as we deal with the planning officers as the approval process progresses. We keep you updated and notify you when planning permission has been received.

Stage 7 - Planning application submitted*

Stage 8 - Building Regulations & Structural Calculations*

*Optional Add-on

Once your Planning Application has been submitted we advise you to wait for planning approval before we begin to compile Building Regulations drawings and obtain the required Structural Calculations.

Building Regulations drawings are focused on the technical details of the  extension and alteration work and contain information needed to gain approval from Building Control – without which most works cannot be completed.

Structural Calculations may be required for foundations, lintels, beams, joists and rafters. To obtain these we will engage with a Chartered Structural Engineer and arrange for them to provide the required information.

We will not be able to confirm the costs of these Structural Calculations until we have completed your planning drawings and have final design for the engineer to assess.

If you have selected this add-on at the time of your PlanExtend Service Option selection then we will contact you to confirm costs when known.

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