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Option Four: Planning & Building Regulation Drawings

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Planning & technical building regulations drawings in one professional service       (Option 2 & 3 combined)

We translate the basic information that you upload into plan and elevation drawings that accurately reflect your property and work with you to further develop extension and alteration designs.

On receipt of planning approval we add further technical detail for the construction of extension and building alteration work.

Drawings produced as part of this service are suitable for use in seeking both planning permission and building control approval.

Optional add-ons

Add-On - Planning Application Submission - Free Info

Add-On - Accelerated Service - £150.00 Info

Add-On - 3D Drawings / Sketch-Up - £250.00 Info

Add-On - Structural Design Calculations - £POA Info

Add-on - Property Survey & Design Consultation - £POA Info

Total cost: £0.00

Deposit due today: £0.00

What to expect

How long will it take?

  • Standard Service: Planning Drawings – 4 weeks from receipt of completed PlanExtend Client Design Pack.
  • Planning Application Submission: Completed within 7-10 days of Planning Drawing sign-off and payment.
  • Planning Approval Process: Typically 8 weeks, subject to Local Planning Officer workload
  • Building Regulation Drawings: Varies due to detail and requirements for each design project. This can be estimated following completion of Planning Drawings

What will I need to provide?

We will require the below to be uploaded to our website:

  • Outline dimensioned sketch plans of the inside of your property (paper, pen, ruler & tape measure required) [scan in/photo sketch]
  • Photos of all property external elevations and features (using your phone or digital camera)
  • Brief outline description of your requirement [scan in/photo sketch]

Prompt response to our queries and selection of design preferences etc as the design process progresses.

What will I get for my money?

  • Existing Plan Drawings (typically 1:100 scale at A1)
  • Existing Elevation Drawings (typically 1:100 scale at A1)
  • Proposed Plan Drawings (typically 1:100 scale at A1)
  • Proposed Elevation Drawings (typically 1:100 scale at A1)
  • Site Location Plan (typically 1:100 scale at A3)
  • Site Block Plan (typically 1:250 scale at A3)
  • OS Map (typically 1:1250 scale at A3)
  • FREE Planning Application Submission or Lawful Development Certification Application Submission (as required)
  • Building Regulation Drawing Pack (varies)

Note: All final drawings issued to client electronically in high resolution PDF and AutoCAD format.

Please refer to The Process web page page for further information or feel free to call us on 0330 043 4142 or email

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