Planning Potential Can Add Value to Your Home

Date of Article: 12 December 2017, PlanExtend


But don’t just take our word for it. We have sourced some great articles to help illustrate this point:

‘A property that comes with planning permission can often tempt buyers who have long-term ambitions for the property. Pay an architect to draw up plans for an extension, spend a bit of time getting them through planning and you could find yourself with a very desirable property (allow at least £2,500 to cover architect and council planning fees). Again, it’s about giving your property an edge over others’ – Sept 2016, Read the full article here

‘Even if you don’t have the money to build an extension or a conversion, you’ll make money purely by having secured permission to do so: you’ll spend £1,000-£2,000 on survey, design and planning processing, but you’ll elevate your property into a higher league. It removes a big element of doubt from a buyer’s mind, if they know the council have already said yes to expansion’ – June 2010,  Read the full article here

‘If you can’t afford to extend or renovate your property, applying for planning permission is an excellent way to increase its value. Potential buyers like to see that they’re able to extend the property if required – and it makes your house more desirable on the market. Even applying for a pre-application is of appeal to buyers’ – July 2016, Read the full article here

‘Here’s a really neat trick that could add a lot of value to your home; even if you don’t have the money or inclination right now to add more space, simply secure planning permission to do it. It can be a trump card in selling a property to a prospective buyer with a long-term view, and there’s little doubt that by spending a grand or two on an architect to manage the design and planning procedures for an extension, you could add fairly significant value to your home’ – December 2013, Read the full article here

‘Public-relations consultant Sarah Coote and her army officer husband, James, both in their mid thirties, have paid £1,000 in architectural and planning fees for planning consent to add an extra bedroom and kitchen/diner onto their £290,000 three-bedroom stone cottage in the popular village of Fovant, near Salisbury, Wiltshire. Mrs Coote explains that because their cottage has three bedrooms and the ‘premium market’ requires four or more, this permission lifts their house into a new band, making it more attractive to those hunting for a family home’ – May 2008, Read the full article here

‘Showing people that your home has potential to expand can increase its value by a couple of grand. Even if you can’t afford to get the builders in yourself, you’ll still entice buyers with the promise of potential extensions or loft conversions by applying for planning permission’ – Date Unknown, Read the full article here

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